Pattie Boyd Book

George Harrison's ex wife who left him for Eric Clapton, has written a book about the love triangle. Pattieboyd There is a clip in this Daily Mail site. It's amazing, she looks so calm and charming so many decades later in her unretouched skin.

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The Anti-Anti-Oxidants

I've been trying to get more good stuff into my body, not just on it, so I picked up two anti-oxidant boosters over the past few months, to add to my water, Dr. Brandt's and Pure Inventions. Dr. Brandt contains green and white tea extracts, lo han, lotus and grape seed extracts. What I like about Brandt's product is that I don't notice it. Dr. Brandt's booster passes the drinkability test with an A+. Pure uses green tea, lo han and stevia extract, as well as lotus, kudzu root and Chinese licorice. Kudzu is supposed to suppress one's desire for alcohol? Who knew - a rehab center in a eyedropper. How very showbiz.

But after getting into the water groove, I found an article in the February 28, 2007 Journal of the American Medical Association (pdf here) that evaluated whether antioxidant supplements had an impact on death rates - death rates on people - not lab rats. The results were not so encouraging, as Science Daily helps make a little clearer."Our systematic review contains a number of findings. Beta carotene, vitamin A, and vitamin E given singly or combined with other antioxidant supplements significantly increase mortality. ...Our findings contradict the findings of observational studies, claiming that antioxidants improve health."
"There are several possible explanations for the negative effect of antioxidant supplements on mortality. Although oxidative stress has a hypothesized role in the pathogenesis of many chronic diseases, it may be the consequence of pathological conditions. By eliminating free radicals from our organism, we interfere with some essential defensive mechanisms . Antioxidant supplements are synthetic and not subjected to the same rigorous toxicity studies as other pharmaceutical agents. Better understanding of mechanisms and actions of antioxidants in relation to a potential disease is needed," the researchers conclude."

Using anti-oxidants to fight free radicals in an effort to improve cell health has always kind of lived on the edge of verifiable science. Certain aspects of the theory were proven, and then reasonable minds concluded that if those things were true, then certain other things must be true, too. Not everyone agreed on those "other things." Now it looks like we are in for a scientific battle.

And this, of course, is way, way cool, because you know who will benefit? We will. By the time this is done, research scientists will have a better understanding of how our bodies fight disease and cell aging. From that understanding comes cures. Will I keep drinking the boosters? From what I have been able to figure out so far, the extracts I'm drinking weren't part of the study, and not all anti-oxidants fared badly in the study. The scientists found some evidence that selenium may actually prolong.

So, yeah. I'll keep up with the teas and other polyphenols, back off on overdosing on vits A & E, and keep checking for updates.

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Pores No More

Ya can't make your pores smaller."

I've been subjected to the lecture so often that I can actually hear the nasally whine. But once upon a time an Avon lady who was not Reece (WTF?) gave me a product that I tried and I swear to god, my pores disappeared. So I know that pore relief is out there, it just depends on whether you want it in spackle strength or fairy dust weight. I recommend the fairy dust because it works and feels heavenly and doesn't clog everything up and create more pore problems. For that, I recommend my new favorite, Dr. Brandt's Pores No More.

Dr. Frederick Brandt's brand of magic feels like mousse-light, something like dewy silk that transforms into a fresh, airy powder. By all rights, it shouldn't work on skin past the first decade of life. But it does. It fills pores and diffuses light right back at whoever is looking. This filler and diffision, a/k/a a fine illusion, is what helps smooth out the tone and texture of the face.
No wonder Madonna glommed onto this guy. (It says that in Swedish, kind of.)

But did he have to yell at me first? My first reward for buying the product was a WWFslapdown by documentation:

"clues that your skin is sun-damagd[:] fine lines, a leathery texture, dull skin, broken blood vessels, uneven pigumentation, and age spots (lentigos). spent too much time in the sun? exposure to ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) rays slowly unglues the framework of collagen and elastin that holds your skin together and keeps it plump, pliable, and free of lines.

It was like a checklist of badness from the Baron of Botox, and I was guilty of all of them.

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Beach Nut Case

I scared people on my last trip, showing up on regattas and at beaches and resort pools in UV protection swim wear. People stared, not even bothering to look away when I caught them staring. Most of me was terribly embarrassed. I work hard to look as good as time, nature, and the most excellent team of medical professionals that the lack of an expense account or retainer will allow. So looking dykish and waterlogged, well, sucked big time. But I had one trick that kept me going and I’ll share it with you in a second. But first, a little something about the outfit:

I chose a royal blue Cwear Australian, skin-tight legging from Solartex, a sunny yellow Solumbra full Zip Surf Shirt top from the SunPrecautions catalog, and two hats: the Stingray Nomad Hat from Solartex and the Solumbra Balaclava. (I could never bring myself to wear the balaclava. It turned me into an ugly man-nose.) I wanted the dark blue bottoms and hot pink top, but went with the colors of the Swedish flag to keep my Scandinavian hubby mildly amused.

Everywhere we turned up I would be in pants and jacket, face slathered in screen. Then, when it became clear that I could no longer hide in the shade of tree, umbrella or boat sail, I would don the hat. It was then that people would give up any pretense of ignoring me. I would swim, drink, or don snorkel equipment and hang with family, looking the idiot for a few hours until the hot equator sun had passed its most dangerous points.

Then I would disrobe. Long wet blonde hair and a bikini underneath all that gear wasn't the worst marketing for smart but odd clothing.

But would I do it again? I began looking through catalogs for cabanas and parasols. I asked the family afterwards, "So how bad was it, being stuck with me?"

1.    It's kind of the hat that kills it.

2.    As long as you are holding a snorkel or fin, you look like a pro at something and it is cool.

Someday I'm gonna be a pro at something.

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Bruise Therapy

Sienna Miller claims that if there is a lamppost within 30 feet of her, she will find a way to walk into it. I myself suffer an unusually large number of injuries involving cooking utensils, thick paper cuts from blow-in cards, and bruising. The wind bruises my body.

If upon feeling pain I can run to the freezer and grab a bag of frozen peas and tie it to the offended spot with an ace bandage, I can limit the purplishness by a few centimeters. But if I am out of veggies or out of the house, forget it. "Maybe you suffer from osnvliwuewoiehrlskd," somebody said to me once, but I couldn't make out the layperson's diagnosis. I prefer to think that Sienna and I are twins.

I just picked up a product called Restoral. If I take the pineapple plant stalk-based bromelain extract pills and rub a magic arnica/Vit E and emu oil mixture on the site, I am supposed to heal. The system is designed to limit post-surgical bruising.

I don't think there are enough emus in the world to supply me and I certainly don't want any to die for the sake of one of my clutz moves. Do you suppose they just milk the emus?

"Even for non-surgical patients, this product is a huge hit," the sales rep swore. "It's great for boxing and wrestling and ... "

"... a good gust of wind," I finished in silence.

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But Who's Gonna See My Tramp Stamp?

High waisted jeans talked about at the Observer. Fine. I'll go. I'll try on. I'll start looking for suspenders and dreaming of a curly perm.

Or I'll just save my money for DD implants implants - you know for spillover boobs, the new muffin top.

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Too Tan

I have picked up five more sunscreens to sample, plus some feet softening lotions, including a Urea 40% solution for the barefoot luxury life I had been living. Ahhh, product. It is good to be home.

I lived with my Biotherm Mexoryl 50 (from Europe), Neutrogena's waterproof 75 with Heliotrope, and Colorescience's Sunforgettable. I also wore hats and UV clothing. I gotta say, the equator is a tough place to stay pale, but I was doing ok. Then the last two days, I got sick of the whole protocol and backed off on my protection. Result? Instant tan, instant skin damage, but I felt like a kid again.

There has to be a better way. I used the sunscreens so much more than I did while skiing at 10,000 feet because with all the sweating, swimming, and oppressiveness of the sun, it was easier to remind myself to reapply. I ended up looking too greasy and kabuki white, especially with my one-time fav, the Biotherm. I didn't feel pretty at all, which kind of defeats a big point of my skin care regimen. The new sunscreens are supposed to address these issues.

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