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When I read stuff like Gary Kamiya's "I'm Younger Than That Now", I just want to scream.

"Lately I've been asking myself: When did I get so damn old?

"Will it be on Saturday, when my son graduates from high school? Did it start 10 years ago, when my knees gave out and I had to say goodbye to sports other than bocce ball?"

Get a hold of yourself, man!  You are, according to your whiny article, 53.  Do you really mean to say that you gave up sports when you were 43 years old?  Good heavens, you lump, no wonder you feel like hell.  We defy age by continuing to do the things we love to do, not by shrugging and saying, "Well, I'm old now."  When I see guys in their 70s and 80s out running, I think, "That's what I'm going to be like," not, "I wonder how they do it?" How they do it is simple: they never stopped. Count on it, those people are still having sex, too>  They don't think, "Wow, my body sure is decrepit." They think, "This is great!"

"Age defying" is either a bogus tagline for a product that probably doesn't work-- or it is a way of life. People who say that they aren't active because their knees hurt make my head hurt.  As Oliver Wendell Holmes said, Men do not quit playing because they grow old; they grow old because they quit playing."

I'd like to tell Mr. Kamiya to grow up, but he'd probably dry up and blow away. 

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