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Product makes a difference, even if it isn't the difference we wish for.  There are limits to the anti-aging properties of all product. Actually, a good rule of thumb is to keep in mind that the usefulness of any product stands in an inverse ratio to the extent that its anti-aging qualities are emphasized.  If we focus on being well-groomed and taking care of ourselves, the rest will take care of itself, mostly. 

Yesterday's eLave post sent me looking for new product to test, and although Nancy Boy's line does not feature nakedness, it sounds like good stuff.  The author of this piece from The Spectator has an excellent point: "We males have few rituals to enjoy, and those few minutes spent with badger brush and blade, rare and precious scents wafting in the steam about our heads, are a magnificent start to the day."

So now I have a shopping list.  I'll update with test results anon.

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Elave2_copy_2 I haven't tried the product, but as soon as I know more about eLave I'll be sure to update here.  In the meanwhile, I highly recommend the website, which is kind of just about how I've always imagined the laboratory of a cosmetics company would look.

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