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Meanwhile, feeling attractive is as much a state of mind as anything else.

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If your mother was a piano teacher, you have a better chance than most of us of having perfect pitch—or at least of being able to find C sharp on the keyboard. If your parents were English teachers when you were growing up, you probably speak grammatically, even if you ever learned how to diagram a sentence.

Some people are born with certain advantages, and some of us have to learn things the hard way. If your father went off to work every morning with a crease in his trousers and a perfectly knotted tie; or if your family went to church on Sunday dressed like you were going to a party than you have a leg up when it comes to dressing yourself today. A sense of style is not genetic, but it really helps if you were exposed to style in your formative years.

Not there is any shortage of instructional material available to men who are obliged to take a more scholarly approach to fashion, goodness knows.  There is plenty of well-meaning advice, and I contribute my share.  Men have a leg up over women since men's style varies only slightly from year to year-- lapels and ties blossom and then narrow again, the occasional faddish color appears, then disappears.  For the most part men need not concern themselves with these things, and yet, somehow, we still find ourselves feeling challenged by style-- or worse, looking style challenged.

In the course of some research the other day Faith came across a system for women to use in order to determine if they were properly attired.  The well-dressed woman, according to this system, should assess her overall appearance.  Points are awarded for each of several enumerated elements: one point for jewelry other than a wedding band, for example.  One point for shoes with a stylish accent, such as buckles.  It was quite elaborate.  I liked the fact that red haired women automatically got a point-- blondes and brunettes step out of the shower with no points, but redheads start the day a step ahead.  The idea was that a woman should have at least 7 points, but no more than 14. Naturally my mind immediately turned to devising such a system for guys.

I'll keep you posted.

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