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chest-pressI love my gym. I belong to a couple actually, but I mostly just go to one: the Jewish Community Center has a nice enough gym near my house, and new facility in the 'burbs, but both have that sort of wet tile in the locker rooms that I've always hated about locker rooms, and although the equipment is certainly quite nice, they are heavily used. People watching is less of a joy there, too: everyone seems to be the "I'm getting into shape" sort, rather than the much more enjoyable to look at people who are already in shape.

The gym I mainly go to is in the basement of an office building, but the building itself used to be the local Y before it was refurbished with a glass-atrium and all the accoutrements of modernity. It takes its status as a heath club seriously. Someone is always cleaning, the locker room is carpeted (and the lockers are a nice dark stained wood-- very classy), and the people who go there are Serious. There isn't a lot of chit chat, so, even though I've been going there for years, I don't know much about the other people who go there: there are some lawyers, and some people who seem to do something with the Market, and some other sorts of people, including a surprising number of cops.

The cops are interesting: it is hard to tell from looking at them how old they are. Their faces may make them appear older than they may actually be, but their bodies are as hard as telephones. They don't socialize at all, even with each other, and they don't seem to do any of the aerobic stuff: no treadmills, no elliptical machines. Some work with the free weights, but mainly they seem to concentrate on the various weight machines the Nautilus stuff. Their workout clothes are pretty nondescript, mostly cotton shorts and tee shirts, nothing written on the shirts that suggests anything more controversial than that they might be Yankees fans.

There is a rhythm to any gym: the influx of new people every January, (referred to as the "leafers" at my gym); the light attendance that comes in the summer months as people take the time to golf instead; the return of the regulars in September. They all feel different at different times of day, too. I'm a lunchtime runner, but there are occasions when I find myself there after work: when that happens, I am more likely to see guests from the hotel across the street, business travelers, working out because there is nothing else to do, just like I do when I'm traveling. In the early morning, when I seldom go, there is a great deal of variety in the ages, but the people tend to be men: a lot of guys whose doctors told them to start working out, a couple of guys who I know had heart attacks and are now getting busy on the bike. In the gyms that have racquet sports, the racquet sports guys are a boisterous lot; so are basketball players. There are runners who will run together, but they seem to have little else in common with each other, and go their separate ways when they leave.

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Indeed healthy to do it on a regular basis. I admire your discipline.

Posted by: house plans | Dec 26, 2011 2:23:26 AM