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I looked in the mirror last night

hatIt's not a bad idea to do this from time to time, even if you are a guy. You may think, "Well, sure, I look in the mirror every morning, when I shave." You may think, "I'm checking myself out, I know how I'm looking." Perhaps this is so, but something more than the casual glance is sometimes called for, and that's all most of us really ever do. Even the shaving thing isn't really the sort of inspection that we need to be doing if we are going to be keeping up with how we are looking. I mean, do you look at your face when you are shaving, or are you focusing on the patch of countenance real estate being debrided at that given moment? One of the reasons women are all the time freaking out over the appearence of "fine lines" is that they are paying attention to what they look like. Men don't, much, which is why so many men look like that.

So anyway, I looked in the mirror last night, and I realized that I've been getting a lot of sun. Here it is, not even mid-May, quite, and I am looking at a face that is already a good deal more sun exposed than I am happy with. Now, to be sure, I have a face that looks a lot more like a boiled ham than I am altogether happy about under the best of circumstances, but a sunburned look is really a bad one for me.

I have been trying to run more lately, and if you want to run more, you have to run outside, rather than on a treadmill, because outside is where they keep the miles. I thought I'd been pretty careful about using sunscreen, but the evidence to the contrary was right there, as plain as the clown red nose on my rare roast beef face. I didn't feel sunburned, but there was no arguing with the mirror.

I was always pretty bad about sunscreen, but I'm getting better, and I still have room for a lot of improvement. I wear it whenever I ski now, for example, which was something I never used to do. I think the tendency is to just not bother unless we are spending a day at the beach, or maybe even after we've already spent most of the day at the beach already. There is something that's a little too much like putting on makeup about putting on sunscreen every time you are going to go outside, but I'm working hard on getting over it.

Perhaps now's the time to look into a Panama hat, too.

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That's a big realization to any man.

Posted by: vigilon security | Mar 14, 2011 6:16:20 AM