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Your Father's Mustache

Actually, if you are my age, the chances are that your father did not have a mustache. Facial hair was uncommon with the Greatest Generation-- flashy, eccentric, the sort of thing that beatniks (and later, hippies) went in for.
The fact is, in this, as with so many things, the old man was probably right. You used to make fun of his Sinatra records, but now you know better. And, if you are like me, you've had every variation of facial hair there is, at some point or another. I could put together a photomontage that would make me look like the cover of a Byrds album (or worse, a Dead album), but in our struggle to retain some semblance of a youthful appearance we all must put aside the past, and face up to the fact that certain things that once made us appear to be on the cutting edge of youthful rebellion now make us look like David Crosby. It's a bad look for him, and it's a bad look for you.
If you have facial hair, and you are over 28, it is aging you. It is hard to know what is the worst: beards go gray long before the rest of your hair, and that's not good; mustaches just look dated. Nobody sees you with your mustache and thinks you are a porn star, believe me. They are looking at you and thinking, "This guy got his sense of style from the 1973 Oakland A's."
There are exceptions, but even if you fall into one of these categories, consider shaving anyway. You may keep your facial hair if you are: (a) in a long-term committed relationship of over ten years duration with someone who has never seen you without your beard or mustache, and that person begs you not to shave; or (b) you are a porn star; or (c) you were a member of the 1973 Oakland A's. I suppose you can keep the beard if you really have no chin at all, but you should keep in mind that you aren't fooling anyone, and it is making you look a lot older than you need to. Don't resign yourself to looking old. A beard is to your face what going out in sweat pants is to the rest of your appearance: it is irrefutable evidence that you've given up.
You father told you to shave that thing off a long time ago-- it's time now.

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Looking for any guys that worked at YOUR Father'sMustache Band nightclubs in the 60's and 70's especially N.Y. and New Orleans, but all clubs are cool too!!!

Posted by: BigBill Sawyer | Aug 7, 2004 9:35:33 PM


At that time (1970) I worked on the oceanliners of the Holland America Line, between Rotterdam and NYC. Everytime I was in NYC I visited YFM and had a great time. Looked all over the internet for some pictures of that time, but could'nt find anything.


Posted by: Gerrit | May 6, 2005 3:42:24 PM

Sounds funny. Probably it's her trademark.

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